About me

Let me introduce myself

Hey guys, my name is Evan, I decided to follow my passions and do what I love, which basically boils down to helping people, sports nutrition and research. I love the variety that every new client that sits across the table brings to me, and I love the challenge of marrying science and human individuality together to help people put the puzzle pieces together for people. You can follow my journey here, and see some of my work and some client testimonials.

A little bit about my background, education wise, I have a B. Sc in Food Science & Health, a P.G Diploma in dietetics, and I am currently in the middle of a Master’s degree in Sports & Exercise nutrition. Personally, I have a background in international track & field, which is why I lean towards sports, and I have always been fascinated with science, particularly physiology and how we can change it and alter it with nutrition. I have worked very hard to be where I am today, and to provide for my clients, though I still feel like a very lucky person, as I get to do what I love, and I have a nery supportive family through my parents, soon to be wife, Emma, and our little girl. It is this support that drives me forwards.

I am happiest when I am researching, and learning, and nothing satisfies me more than when a client nails their goals. For me, people are puzzles, and I will be forever trying to solve them, to cut through what makes it so hard for people to get their nutrition and lifestyle right.

Me in three quotes.

If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run.

Rudyard Kipling

The purpose of life is finding the largest burden that you can bear and bearing it.

Jordan Peterson

Your legacy is being written by yourself. Make the right decisions.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Let’s build something together.