Health screening & skinfold bodyfat assessment

Book your body fat and screening assessment today with Evan, along with being a registered dietician, Evan is also ISAK trained, meaning he can accurately use skinfold measurements to assess your body fat levels and give you a body fat percentage. This is very useful in performance to assess an athlete’s body composition along with estimates of fat mass and fat free mass, offering a very detailed method of tracking an athlete’s progress.

Other measurements such as BMI, waist circumference and waist to hip ratios are also assessed, outside of sports performance, these measures can give in depth insights into an individual’s health risk for diseases related to excess bodyfat. The health report generated from the session may indicate the need to engage in a weight loss program, it may inform a need for specific protein requirements or calorie requirements.

Book your session today to get a measure of where your body composition is currently sitting. Health screening is a service covered by the vast majority of health insurers, please check with your provider in advance.

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