Evan appears on Pushing Limits Podcast

Evan recently appeared on the Pushing Limits Podcast with Shane Finn. You can listen to the Podcast Below.

Iron: Athlete management guidelines.

This is the final part of the series relating to iron, and will focus predominantly on how this effects athletes, when it's time to supplement, symptoms to look out for and how you can keep yourself healthy. If you haven't read parts I & II, covering how iron is absorbed, digested and regulated in the … Continue reading Iron: Athlete management guidelines.

Iron: How does iron deficiency & anemia develop?

What are the factors that drive this forward? Knowing exactly how and why iron deficiency happens and slip slides into anemia is important in preventing it's occurrence. Knowledge is power in a scenario like this. Presuming you have read the last article outlining a background on iron requirements and digestion, you should now have some … Continue reading Iron: How does iron deficiency & anemia develop?

Iron: Digestion & absorption

This article is going to be the first on the topic of iron, how much we need, the roles it plays, how it's used, digested and how our body's maintain our iron stores, and how athletes are more prone to having lower iron stores. This will all result in a final breakdown of anemia or … Continue reading Iron: Digestion & absorption

Practical application nutrition series: Supplements

Practical application series INTRODUCTION             Supplements and ergogenic aids are all the rage at present, and represent a multi-billion-dollar industry that sits on a house of cards and is fuelled by one thing; hope. When we reach for a supplement, what we are looking for is a better outcome, an improvement, a shortcut to a … Continue reading Practical application nutrition series: Supplements