IS the program for you?

The online coaching program aims to meet you at your level and deliver a coaching service in a way that suits you. However, what all clients get are an initial in depth screening and assessment, induction session and a set of tailored plans and advice to work with. Throughout the process you will have weekly feedback and support with the goal of moving you towards your goals, whatever these may be. The majority of the discourse is educational in nature, owing to the fact this is an educational process. 

You will get access to the Libro app which will be used to monitor and track you, you will get supplement guidelines, sleep & lifestyle optimisation guidelines, support on improving your food relationship and of course, targeted interventions depending on your sports. You will have access to your coach at all times via WhatsApp and have the ability to book zoom catch up calls as often as you need. Efforts are continually being made to improve the client experience and to offer clients more and more resources, information & hands on interaction.

Basically the program is designed so that you get what you need to help you hit your goals.

If you are ready to make a change to your diet, or you are ready to come to the table and work towards your goals, then this program is for you. The only pre-requisite is that you are ready to put in the effort to reach your goals. We try to make the process of change as easy, interesting and as educational as possible, however we want clients whop realise that coaching is a two way process, if you are motivated to make some changes and have some of your habits and beliefs examined, challenged and improved, then get in touch below.

The coaching program has a vast array of clients ranging from those doing their first ever 5km, to weightlifters, rowers, Moto-cross racers and even a number of Olympic track & field athletes. The program is not just for athletes however, much of the client cohort are those who simply wish to improve their health, lose some weight or work on their food relationship, but simply like the coaching approach that is taken here. 

The program is not for everybody, so book yourself in for a discovery or fill in the screening forms below if you wish to come on board and we can take it from there.

How does the program work?

Why so long?

The program has a very simple model and a very clear process, see below:

1) You fill in the initial assessment forms below for us, we take a look and make sure you are a good fit for the program.

2) If we deem you to be a good fit, we will book you in for a discovery call and we will direct you to sign up down below.

3) After we chat & see what nee’d to be done, you will be asked to track your dietary intake if appropriate in some format for a number of days.

4) We will put your program together and get you started on the next Monday coming to launch into the coaching process. You will receive info as to how to use the member’s hub, access resources, book catch ups etc.

5) Throughout the process you will be working on your initial targets, objectives and goals, and will be monitored with weekly check ins & feedback, client catch ups and will have coach access on WhatsApp for smaller queries and questions.

6) At the close of the process we will recap & book a close out session to cover any outstanding questions or to put plans in place for any future scenario where you feel your nutrition might be at risk. Simple as that.

You will notice that there are no 7 day detoxes or 4 week fat burning courses here. This is because we don’t believe in BS at this establishment. 

The ethos here is that knowledge is power, and we want our clients not only to have the power to make the changes and reach the goals they seek, but to learn and become aware and autonomous in doing so, that’s the real mark of a successful coaching experience.

You cannot expect to make meaningful long term changes in very short time frames, the research is actually clear that the quicker and more severely one reaches a weight loss goal for example, the more they stand to gain back and the shorter the behaviour change will be.

Challenging your ingrained biases, beliefs and habits is literally rewiring your brain, this process comes with a little effort and discomfort, we do not want to add the stress of rushing on top of the mix.

Work with us for 3-6 months and we are confident that you will reach your goals, and more importantly, that you will be able to exit the service on the other end, fully in control of your diet. 

Our goal is to make you to never need a nutritionist or dietitian again. Period.

Fill in the pre-assessment forms

The forms below will take you through some basic questions about your general health, your goals, your dietary habits and your readiness to change. These forms will need to be completed in advance of us working together regardless, fill them out here to start the process, after which we can book you in for a discovery call (see below).

Book your discovery call

Click below to book your discovery call and chat to the team, ideally you will have filled out the forms above so we have some data to discuss and so we can see how we can best work with you – we look forward to chatting with you!

Three month online dietetic management program
Six month online dietetic management program

Refund policy

In the unlikely event that you need to pull out of the online coaching program due to personal circumstances, external factors or it simply isn’t for you. You will be offered the chance to pause your program and keep the weeks on ice, there is a one year statute of limitations on this. If this is not feasible, standard refund rates are 50% with the exception of a cancellation occurring during the assessment phase, prior to the program starting at all, in which case an 80% refund is given. If clients agree to proceed with coaching and engage Evan in time with assessments etc. prior to signing up, and do not proceed with coaching, the standard consultation fee of €130 will apply. Refund rates are based on the fact that coach time engagement and external costs are non refundable. This is the policy at Evan Lynch Nutrition Ltd.