WELCome to the consultation clinic

The online consultation clinic will be covered by major healthcare insurers such as VHI, Laya & Aviva as Evan is a CORU registered dietitian. 

Download forms can be seen below at the bottom of this page for further information.

When should i book?

is it just online?

What's Invovled?

Ideally book for a minimum of a week out, this enables us to gather enough data in a advance so we are not wasting your time during the session. 

This is not absolutely necessary but yields best results, if you need a session at short notice, book in, get in touch and I may be able to fit into a cancellation slot.

The vast majority of people do not live in Clonmel, for those unlucky people, you can avail of the online clinic via zoom. For those within reasonable distance of Clonmel, you can book to meet in person in my Clonmel based office.

Naturally you must not attend in person if you have COVID symptoms, if this is the case please give as much as notice as possible.

The process is very simple, when you book in, we will send you some forms to fill in and we will ask you to track your diet in some format. 

The session will expand on your goals, explore your issues & hangups and work towards building a plan that will work for you. You will receive a session report after to make sure you are equipped for change.