Evan Lynch – sports performance & nutrition specialist

My name is Evan Lynch, I am an Irish based sports nutrition specialist. I have extensive experience working with high level athletes, including a plethora of professional & Olympic athletes, I have also worked extensively with large organisations including Athletics Ireland, Cycling Ireland & DCU. I live to help my clients achieve their goals & I take great pride in the results my clients get.

My goal is to make reaching your goals as easy as possible, and put you into the driver seat. If you think you might be interested in working with me, click here to book on for a consultation or click here to book in or register your interest in my online coaching program!

Explore a little

If you explore a little bit, you can see some useful articles and blogs, learn a little more about me, see some testimonials here or find out how to come on board as a client, or to avail of the services I offer. Feel free to get in touch and follow my social media accounts! If you are a keen cook why not check out my cookbook here.

My story

This platform has grown to new heights recently, what started off as a passion hobby has transformed into an internationally recognized authority in sports nutrition, weight loss and behavior change coaching. The whole thought process is that conventional wisdom doesn’t seem to work (otherwise we would all be in great shape) and that most likely, people are fed of hearing conflicting information about nutrition, and of chasing their tails with the same few pounds or issues over and over again. I battle this together with my clients by educating and empowering them, focusing on their needs, their lifestyle and their restrictions.

The Fitnut team is pretty diverse, as is my own background, which you can read about here. The Fitnut team includes Olympic, professional & international athletes across a variety including athletics, cycling, triathlon, rowing, powerlifting, boxing, soccer & rugby plus recreational athletes from all sports. The Fitnut team also includes a number of teams, in both rugby and GAA, across the country. I also do some consultancy work with Cycling Ireland and deliver nutritional workshops and seminars for Athletics & Dublin City University AC.