Full DIETETIC and body composition assessment for athletes

If you are looking for a one stop shop to establish your body composition & fat levels and to get a comprehensive deep dive into your sports nutrition tactics and dietary adequacy, then book your slot below today. In this session you will get a full in depth look at the progress that could safely be made with your body composition and you will get personalised specific dietary instructions to aid with this whilst ensuring that your performance is optimised. 


Fees for this service are reimbursed potentially in excess of 50% depending on your health insurance provider, see bottom of page for further information.


Body fat and body composition assessment

Dietetic & sports nutrition assessment

  • ISAK 8 site skin fold assessment
  • Waist to hip ratios
  • Muscle circumferences
  • Fat free mass assessment
  • Body mass indexing
  • Macronutrient & calorie requirements
  • Biochemistry analysis (if recent blood-work available)
  • Supplement guidelines
  • Peri-workout nutrition manual
  • Race day nutrition guidelines

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HEALTh insurance re-imbursement