Weight Management

Weight loss is exceptionally challenging, we understand the difficulties you have and the issues you face with this process. My team and I have put together a weight management program to help fully support, educate, guide and assist you in getting to grips with managing your weight.

How we help you lose weight?

Firstly, we listen, we really listen. This is important as in order to help you, we must understand how you got to where you are today.

Once we understand what exactly is happening and what key issues, behaviours and beliefs are negatively impacting your weight and ability to control your weight. We will then help you zone in and focus on improving each of these key aspects.

We take an educational approach and emphasise your learning and skills development throughout this process. It is our hope that we can build you to a point where your weight is well controlled and you feel comfortable & confident in.

The bonus good news is that the majority of health insurance providers cover both dietetic services and weight management programs.


The main part of this program is that you will be in frequent contact with your nutritionist or dietitian for 1-to-1 discussions. In these discussions we will discuss your progress, your issues and make plans. We will also listen to your struggles and concerns, and help ease those through making a plan that works for you and making sure you fully understand each aspect of what you are doing. During consultations we may opt for weigh ins, waist & hip measures or simply ask how your clothes are fitting, we will agree for you personally on how exactly we measure progress. After each consultation you will have a plan to work with until you meet your coach next.

Educational workshops

Our team will host educational work shops for each member of the weight loss program, we very much embrace the fact that education and upskilling are central tenets of your ability to make behaviour change. These workshops will span from discussing food labels, how to count calories, portion control and there will be occasional Q&A sessions too.

Resources & guides

We will endeavour to ensure you have all of the tools you require to etch the progress you desire. We will make educational resources, handouts, recipes, cooking manuals, tracking software etc. to facilitate you in sticking to your goals.


You will have access at all times to a member of the team for any queries or concerns you may have. It is also important to note that whilst the team at it’s core is comprised of nutritionists and dieticians, we have a wide array of counsellors, physiotherapists, GP’s, trainers and coaches that we can connect you with if you require. This is important as weight management is not always solely about diet, and frequently multi-disciplinary support is what is needed. If this is the case for you, we’ve got you covered.


“What I tell everyone who asks what I do for nutrition is that I work with Evan lynch and the man is a genius, he doesn’t just help you with food he helps you with everything he possibly can, for example if your sick he will put you back on track quicker than a doctor could just by doing simple things with food or supplements. He’s structure and open minded attitude makes life easy. He does the number crunching and all you have to do it just follow the plan and you’ll reach what ever goals you have #FACT”

Fast on Two Wheels

“Evan has been a fantastic addition to my training and performance team. His knowledge and ability are going to be a key asset in my athletic development as an athlete for the next 18 months and I try and secure Olympic qualification”

Fueling the Lonely Walk

“Before working with Evan I was so caught up on the perfect diet, foods and trying to perfect everything. Evan has brought an approach that has allowed to relax and have a greater balance. It’s allowed my mind and body to relax and not to beat myself up by trying to perfect everything. I doubt that you will find many people who are not pleased with Evan’s service and work ethic.”

The Irish Hammer