Nail your nutrition with effective online coaching.

Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, all Fitnut operations will be moved online for the foreseeable future, there are a number of spaces left in the online coaching cohort.

If you like to have programs tailored around your life and your needs, a coach who cares and will listen to you, this is the plan for you. I don’t believe in the word diet, I believe in smart & small changes. Whatever obstacles you have – picky eating, dietary restrictions, medical conditions or small amounts of time, I am confident that these can easily be overcome. The fitnut team is thriving at the moment, and includes Olympians, European athletics medalists, professional cyclists, rowers, boxers and triathletes & a high level powerlifter, we have seen a case of type 2 diabetes turned around, reductions in bodyfat among the weight loss cohort and a homogeneous improvement in energy levels, overall quality of life & health.

We are backed by science, proven by results.

Programs vary in duration depending on your requirements, further information can be given on request regarding pricing and plans.

  • A tailored meal plan
  • Foods you LIKE TO EAT (even chocolate!)
  • Supplement guidelines tailored to you
  • Meal prep guidelines
  • Craving control & appetite management skills
  • Sleep & lifestyle optimization
  • Eating psychology guidelines
  • Coach support & calls available
  • Weekly monitoring & feedback
  • Libro smartphone app
  • Optional extra of S&C coaching + running plans*

Fill in the form below to begin the process of signing up and you’ll receive an email with information relating to prices, packaging and some screening forms.

Looking forward to working with you,