Evan Lynch – Sports Nutrition specialist

Online health and nutrition coaching with one of ireland’s top performance nutritionists

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How does it work?

is it all about weight loss?

Not at all. My philosophy is that weight loss comes as a side effect of doing things correctly, when we are looking at both performance & health, weight and weight loss is but part of the process. We will focus on many aspects of your diet, clients typically acknowledge an improved relationship with food, better nutritional skills & knowledge, having more energy, better recovery & performance, all of this typically comes with weight loss and body composition optimisation. You are more than a number, I will never forget that. My philosophy is about educating and empowering my clients, not aggressive weight loss and strict dieting so we can have you take a mirror selfie to use as marketing fodder on my social media.

Will I have to follow a meal plan?

Absolutely not. Meal plans don’t work. They don’t inform change, educate you and they aren’t very accommodating of the flexibility and variety required for dietary success and adherence. My online nutrition coaching is based on providing you with a template that fits you, and then gradually making small and progressive changes with your diet. The whole point being that change must be gradual, that you are always in control and as a result you build up self-efficacy, resilience and confidence in how to manage your diet. You will be shown how to vary your diet & food choices, alongside changing your portions depending on your energy requirements that day. For some ideas of meals, I do cooking demos, webinars & give clients a recipe book, which you can find here.

is the fitnut team for me?

The Fitnut team has a pretty vast array of clients, ranging from 14 to 70 years old, encompassing Olympic athletes, a cohort of international & recreational athletes across a wide range of sports and a whole host of non-athletic clients who are looking for weight loss, improve their health and decrease dietary risk factors and I also offer a helping hand with gastric issues. That’s a big range of people, they all have one thing in common, they all want to improve themselves and apply themselves, and are fed up of quick fixes and chasing their tails with their diet. If this is you, sign up below, I’d love to work with you. Click here to view some of the testimonials from past members of the Fitnut team.

What do you get?

The fitnut online nutrition coaching process will take you through an in depth screening process and an-boarding call to get all the details together, a plan will be put in place an initial consultation will be booked to get you started. You’ll receive a personalized plan, Libro & Nutritics feedback + monitoring, supplement guidelines, sleep & lifestyle optimization guides, guidelines on craving control & eating psychology, a bunch of recipes and coach support & calls are available as needed. You will also get a free cookbook, weekly cooking demos & access to a member’s portal with premium content.

Let’s get you signed up!

Fill in the quick and easy form below to register your interest in coming on board with my online coaching group & will be in touch soon to have a quick chat and guide you through how we will proceed together should you wish to join the team. If you wish to keep up to date with when I am taking on new clients, follow me on social media here.

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