Performance Coaching

If there is one thing my team and I are passionate about, it’s helping athletes to reach new heights through fuelling better. Collectively, we have had the chance to work with Olympic athletes, professional triathletes, cyclists, runners & walkers. Everybody can benefit from optimising their sports nutrition, from first time 5k runners to seasoned Ironman athletes. Let us help you to fuel like a pro.

How we help you reach your performance goals?

Welcome to the nutrition coaching program, if you are thinking of making changes to your diet, are seeking some accountability & advice or require high levels of interaction & support, the tiered nutrition coaching packages below will offer something that will suit your needs. The nutrition coaching program has enabled individuals from all walks of life achieve their goals, from Olympic marathon runners & professional cyclists to those struggling with food relationships and those trying their best to manage their cholesterol, blood pressure and general health. Your results, your problems and your concerns will be listened to and taken very seriously, and the absolute priority at all times will be to further push you in the direction you wish to go. The good news is that those with health insurance can potentially have their fees reimbursed by 50% or more, see more info on this topic at the end of page

We believe in keeping it simple, sign up to the program most suited to your needs (this can be discussed in a discovery call if you wish). When you sign up you’ll get some forms to fill in and you will be assigned to a tracking app, to enable us to establish a good baseline to your background diet, this data gathering is hugely influential in terms of how your nutrition is focused. When the data is gathered, we will set an initial meeting (Zoom or in clinic depending on your location) to discuss your results and to make a plan moving forward, with two to three easy initial focus points, thereafter, we will touch base as often as your plan merits, and aim to give you as much support as possible between consultations. It’s simple, and it works really well.

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“What I tell everyone who asks what I do for nutrition is that I work with Evan lynch and the man is a genius, he doesn’t just help you with food he helps you with everything he possibly can, for example if your sick he will put you back on track quicker than a doctor could just by doing simple things with food or supplements. He’s structure and open minded attitude makes life easy. He does the number crunching and all you have to do it just follow the plan and you’ll reach what ever goals you have #FACT”

Fast on Two Wheels

“Evan has been a fantastic addition to my training and performance team. His knowledge and ability are going to be a key asset in my athletic development as an athlete for the next 18 months and I try and secure Olympic qualification”

Fueling the Lonely Walk

“Before working with Evan I was so caught up on the perfect diet, foods and trying to perfect everything. Evan has brought an approach that has allowed to relax and have a greater balance. It’s allowed my mind and body to relax and not to beat myself up by trying to perfect everything. I doubt that you will find many people who are not pleased with Evan’s service and work ethic.”

The Irish Hammer