Three nutrition consultations package


Three in depth nutrition sessions aimed to not only provide you with cutting edge nutritional science via Nutritics, Libro & evidence based practice – but also the monitoring & feedback to make sure you stay on track and implementing it correctly, this a really powerful tool to help you achieve your nutrition goals.

This is the ultimate package for anybody looking to tweak their diet or nail something specific such as race day prep, optimizing an altitude training camp, making weight for a competition or even simply weight loss.

Nutrition is a crucial pillar to success in sports, weight loss or simply grasping control over your weight & health. Take charge of your diet today.


A set of three in depth nutrition consultation which will dive into every aspect of your diet & lifestyle to give you highly specific & tailored analysis, feedback and action points.

This product does a deep dive into your diet using Nutritics, Libro and the cutting edge in evidence based nutrition and sports nutrition.

This is the ultimate package for somebody looking to nail their race day prep, fueling approach or simply wants to make some tweaks or address a singular issue.

The three sessions can be booked at times that suit you, and carried out from the comfort of your own home. They are optimal if spaced out 4-6 weeks apart, though this is different depending on the person, their needs and the goals at hand.


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