Our goal is to bring the world of nutritional research & science to your fingertips, making it accessible, easy to comprehend and vitally, framing the research into real life applications and putting them into context for you, showing you how to implement the findings.

Why was research bites set up?

Research bites has been developed, as we (Paddy & Evan) are constantly being asked questions about papers, are constantly seeing nutritional research being misinterpreted, leading to further confusion and polarization with all things nutritional related. As a team we have a combined 13 years university education behind us, and almost a decade of working in the nutrition world, we want research bites to make science more accessible, to make the research available to all and most importantly to help spread facts & educate the masses. Education is empowerment, let’s break down the research one bite at a time.

Who is research bites for?

  • Athletes who want to gain a performance edge by being in control of their nutrition
  • Students studying nutrition who could benefit from comprehensive research breakdowns
  • Sports coaches who need answers to questions they receive relating to nutrition & health
  • People who simply curious and interested in self development & learning

What does research bites offer?

  • Breakdowns on how to interpret the statistics seen in papers
  • Access to the private research bites portal
  • A whole host of pre made articles ready to go
  • Bi-weekly research paper breakdowns
  • You can influence the content we make
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