Client Testimonials

See what some of Evan’s clients have to say about the progress they made alongside him, and more importantly some of the results and outcomes that occurred as a result. Click here to book your session.
“What I tell everyone who asks what I do for nutrition is that I work with Evan lynch and the man is a genius, he doesn’t just help you with food he helps you with everything he possibly can, for example if your sick he will put you back on track quicker than a doctor could just by doing simple things with food or supplements. He’s structure and open minded attitude makes life easy. He does the number crunching and all you have to do it just follow the plan and you’ll reach what ever goals you have #FACT”


Fast on Two Wheels

“Evan has been a fantastic addition to my training and performance team. His knowledge and ability are going to be a key asset in my athletic development as an athlete for the next 18 months and I try and secure Olympic qualification”


Fueling the Lonely Walk

“Before working with Evan I was so caught up on the perfect diet, foods and trying to perfect everything. Evan has brought an approach that has allowed to relax and have a greater balance. It’s allowed my mind and body to relax and not to beat myself up by trying to perfect everything. I doubt that you will find many people who are not pleased with Evan’s service and work ethic.”


The Irish Hammer

“I started working with Evan back in January once I began focusing on the 2019 season. I told Evan I had big plans for the year and he bought into what I said straight off the mark which I found pretty motivating. As a nutritionist you expect a certain level of knowledge, but I can testify that Evan goes above and beyond the minimum (check out his Instagram, the poor guy never stops reading journal articles!). Being a triathlete, I have always found it very difficult to get the timing/quantity of meals right. The reason its working with Evan is because he dealt with my diet in terms of me, and not as a bunch of calories on a page. He considers all external factors like stress, work/study life and training to create a long-term sustainable plan which is exactly what I needed. The biggest selling point for me is his “Self-education” style of teaching. If I want to cook a new dish or try a new strategy out training I have literally dozens of articles written by Evan himself to refer to and see how best to go about it, and if I can’t decide if its right or not, he’s never more than a text away. Couldn’t recommend him enough.”


Fueling A World Class Triathlete

“Since working with Evan my approach to food and fueling my workouts and racing has totally changed for the better. In the past my relationship with food was poor as I was always under fueling workouts in order to be as light as possible but this came with a negative effect to my performance, I lost a huge amount of weight but with that came a loss of power and cost me a huge number of results on the bike. Evan has helped me achieve the ideal race weight and has helped me change the way I think about food. I can safely say that without the help of Evan I would still be stuck in a rut when it comes to fueling my workouts and I would most definitely be in a constant battle with the weighing scales. Today too many young cyclists are starving themselves in order to achieve a high power to weight ratio which his having a detrimental effect on both their performances and mental health. I was once one of these athletes and I can now safely say that it’s a thing of the past since.”


Fueling A Pro Cyclist

“Evan has completely transformed how I approach nutrition and fueling by body around racing and training. Having come from a background of under fueling and over training, I felt completely lost and needed a bit of a reality check in this area. I trust Evan and I know that he has my best interests at heart outside of race results. In the short time I have been working with him my health, hormones and general well-being have improved. He’s always at the end of the phone or an email away and no question is off limits when it comes to nutrition. I can’t recommend Evan enough, he nails the fundamentals. There’s no gimmicks or false promises, just a wealth of knowledge and some that genuinely wants the best for each of his clients. Thank you Evan for getting me back on track and giving me the tools to continue what I’ve learnt during this period into the future.”


Fueling a UCI Cyclist