Daire Feeley – Fueling a pro cyclist

A short excerpt from Daire, a member of the EvoPro cyclng team, and his thoughts about what working with a pro cyclist entails…

“Since working with Evan my approach to food and fueling my workouts and racing has totally changed for the better. In the past my relationship with food was poor as I was always under fueling workouts in order to be as light as possible but this came with a negative effect to my performance, I lost a huge amount of weight but with that came a loss of power and cost me a huge number of results on the bike. Evan has helped me achieve the ideal race weight and has helped me change the way I think about food. I can safely say that without the help of Evan I would still be stuck in a rut when it comes to fueling my workouts and I would most definitely be in a constant battle with the weighing scales. Today too many young cyclists are starving themselves in order to achieve a high power to weight ratio which his having a detrimental effect on both their performances and mental health. I was once one of these athletes and I can now safely say that it’s a thing of the past since.”