Darren Dunne- Fueling a world class triathlete

An insight into what goes into fueling a world class international triathlete…

“I started working with Evan back in January once I began focusing on the 2019 season. I told Evan I had big plans for the year and he bought into what I said straight off the mark which I found pretty motivating. As a nutritionist you expect a certain level of knowledge, but I can testify that Evan goes above and beyond the minimum (check out his Instagram, the poor guy never stops reading journal articles!). Being a triathlete, I have always found it very difficult to get the timing/quantity of meals right. The reason its working with Evan is because he dealt with my diet in terms of me, and not as a bunch of calories on a page. He considers all external factors like stress, work/study life and training to create a long-term sustainable plan which is exactly what I needed. The biggest selling point for me is his “Self-education” style of teaching. If I want to cook a new dish or try a new strategy out training I have literally dozens of articles written by Evan himself to refer to and see how best to go about it, and if I can’t decide if its right or not, he’s never more than a text away. Couldn’t recommend him enough.”